There’s a New Kid in Town

James and Rebecca McCeney celebrate Bridges Wine Co.

James and Rebecca McCeney celebrate Bridges Wine Co.

     There’s a new kid in town and that kid is James McCeney.  James has established his Bridges Wine Co. in the Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh on the second floor of a former warehouse at 6901 Lynn Way.  McCeney married a local girl and settled in Squirrel Hill after leading the life of a wine vagabond.  James was thirteen when he started working summers at a winery which eventually lead him to Napa Valley, California where he attended the University of California, Davis studying viticulture and enology.  To take part in two harvests a year he split his time between California, New Zealand and Australia but with his wonderlust still not satisfied he managed to find time to work in Burgundy, France.  You are probably are wondering how McCeney produces his wine from the second floor of a warehouse in the East End of Pittsburgh.  Bridges wine is fermented in Sonoma, California and shipped to Erie, Pennsylvania for bottling then delivered to Pittsburgh.  James hopes to someday consolidate his operations entirely here in Pittsburgh.  Bridges Wine Co. has two initial offerings, a 2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and a 2012 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel , both are available online at The 2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is dark, rich and well-balanced with a nose of raspberries, strawberries and vanilla.  The palate of spicy cherry is carried on refined tannins and a lively acidity into a long fleshy finish.  2012 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel is a deep purple wine that delivers with aromas of plum, black cherry and Asian spice that leads into flavors of ripe fruit.  The structure is one of firm tannins and focused acidity with a hint of French Oak on the finish.

     B.W.C. will soon be offering a Muscato that is now in the fermentation stage and is progressing as planned.  James wanted to let everyone know that the tasting hours at his Point Breeze tasting room will be 12 pm – 6 pm Wednesday – Saturday and free shipping will be offered for the holidays.

I am happy to welcome James McCeney and his Bridges Wine Company to the winemaking family of Western Pennsylvania and as it is with any large and boisterous family there is always room for one more at the table.



2 thoughts on “There’s a New Kid in Town

    1. Thanks for the comment Jodi. If you do stop by Bridges Wine Co. tell James I said “Hi”. Check out my website at if you are interested in the local winery and brewery scene. The website has links to all the wineries and brewers and their events.


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