English: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

English: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are back home from our trip to Las Vegas and I thought you would enjoy seeing two of the wine collections I saw there.  Aureole features a wine tower where the “Wine Angels” are attached to cables that lift and lower them so they can retrieve the bottle of your choice.  Aureole is located in the Mandalay Bay Resort restaurant row area.  Joe’s in the Forum Shops line their glass walls with wine so everyone can take a good look at the inventory. 

This was one of the more memorable trips to Sin City for me because of the flash flooding that I could monitor from the safety of my hotel room on the 15th floor.  The night sky on Tuesday was brightly lit by massive bolts of  lightning over the Strip and the surrounding desert followed by booming thunder that rolled to the horizon.  Not to be out done by Mother Nature Prince Harry made some noise of his own at the MGM Grand.  We attended a unforgettable performance by Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez where I saw first hand that Enrique was not only a spokesman for Atlantico Rum but also a big fan.  Reports had him showing up after the show at Hyde wearing a hoodie. Hyde is the newest lounge at the Bellagio Hotel and it’s patio overlooks the famous Bellagio fountains.  I can tell you that wine is expensive in Vegas and good wine is very expensive so it only makes sense that great wine is obscenely expensive. Enough said!

Viva Italia!

Italian sparkling wine

Italian sparkling wine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prosecco is often mistakenly called Italian Champagne but that isn’t a bad comparison. This sparkling wine is made from the Prosecco grape the oldest cultivated grape in Italy. Mionette Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Brut has received a 89 point rating from the Wine Enthusiast. This wine has a 11% alcohol content and a R.S. of .9. Pop the cork and pour a glass to enjoy the pale straw color with your eyes, lift it to your nose to smell the fruity aroma of pear and citrus then finally taste the golden apple and peach with the light body and dry finish. This wine should be enjoyed fresh and certainly be consumed within 3 months of purchase. Serve with appetizers and mild cheeses but another use is as an excellent base for a Bellini and other sparkling wine cocktails.

     Calling Prosecco Italian Champagne is meaningful for me because Champagne is associated with memorable events and that is the case for me. My lovely wife and I have celebrated our wedding anniversary twice at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Both times we had dinner at Osteria del Circo where the staff lined up to greet and congratulate us upon our arrival. Circo is a Tuscan styled restaurant that boasts a wine list of 900 selections from all over the world. We were led to our table that looked out onto the lake and it famous dancing waters. She ordered Prosecco to complement her Mediterranean Sea Bass. I can still see the thin strings of bubbles rising in her glass as she enjoyed the evenings celebration. Where we will be celebrating this year is still unplanned but I hope you will make great memories in your life that include great wine.