Fallen Stars

wine fireworks     After the latest attempt to get Pennsylvania out of the business of selling wine and liquor failed, I realized that I would miss the Chairman’s Selection program that offers some very good wines at a deep discount.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (P.L.C.B.) is the second largest purchaser of alcohol in the world so it has tremendous buying power.  The buyers at the P.L.C.B. do a great job sorting through the wine market to come up with plenty of interesting wines that would have gone unnoticed and bring them here at attractive prices.  If you live in or visit Pennsylvania often you probably have gotten accustom to the antiquated laws regulating alcohol sales within the state but if you are new to the state here is a quick primer.  Bottles of wine and spirits must be purchased from a P.L.C.B. store, no wait you can also buy wine produced in Pa. from the winery or a business associated with them.  Only full cases of beer and malt beverages can be purchased from a beer distributor and you must buy six packs from a bar or six-pack store. Now that everything is crystal clear I hate to tell you that is only the tip of the regulatory iceberg.  There are deals to be had in P.L.C.B. stores and I recommend visiting a “Premium Collection Store” for the best selection.  The P.L.C.B. website and smart phone app makes it easier to navigate the state store system in Pennsylvania.  I have listed the website and where to get their mobile app.  I recommend taking a look at the Chairman’s Selection section whether you are in the store or online for the best deals available. Happy Hunting!  www.finewineandgoodspirits.com  For free mobile apps  go to ITunes or The Google Play Store.