Review: Carnivor Zinfandel 2019

In my latest look at widely distributed wines that are moderately priced and worth your consideration, I review Carnivor Zinfandel 2019. Carnivor Wines is a Gallo Winery Inc. label produced in Modesto, California. Carnivor uses Zinfandel grapes sourced from warm-weather vineyards in Lodi, California. Their winemakers give these grapes a brief cold soak to coax extra color and tannins from them. The must is fermented at a warm 88-90F. The wine is aged in French and American oak to soften its tannins and balance its structure. Finally, the Zinfandel is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, adding color and structure plus some Merlot to impart a softened character. 

Carnivor Zinfandel 2019 is balanced on a medium body and a smooth finish. Nothing about this wine is overwhelming whether it be the aromas of toasted oak, the flavor of blackberries, tamed acidity, or a controlled finish. Everything about this wine is designed to be bold but not offend the mainstream red wine drinker. Priced at well below $13 a bottle this wine deserves serious attention when you are scanning the shelves for a dependable “everyday” wine that will please a wide range of palates. Carnivor Zinfandel 2019 pairs well with all red meat, after all, Carnivor’s tagline, is “Meat was made for Carnivor” but red meat isn’t the only thing it pairs well with. It is also a good wine to drink with your pizza or any dish that features a hearty dark red tomato sauce. The winemakers at Carnivor must be commended for producing a wine of this quality for a bargain price and doing it on such a large scale.

Lamoreaux Landing Winery

Lamoreaux Landing

Lamoreaux Landing (Photo credit: mhaithaca)

     My next stop was the award-winning Lamoreaux Landing Winery in Lodi, New York.  The first thing that strikes you about this property is just how impressive the facilities are.  The grandeur of the main building hints of Roman and Greek inspired architecture.  The long stroll up the sidewalk to the main entrance was only a prelude to the truly magnificent view of the lake through the huge windows inside.  The view from the beautiful tasting room was one of the finest I have ever experienced in the Finger Lakes.  The wine of Lamoreaux Landing are well made and enjoyable.  I purchased their Estate Red Table Wine but passed on a very good Chardonnay that I really should have added to the growing collection in the trunk of my car.  After looking around the gift shop that is adjacent to the tasting room we left with my bottle of Estate Red and a promise to return soon.  Lamoreaux Landing Winery is located at 9224 Rte 414 Lodi, NY.