LED Lighted Wine Glasses

LED Wine Glass     Have you ever had to serve wine at a party or at a casual gathering and couldn’t use glass stemware?  If you said yes, then this product maybe the answer to your problem.  This isn’t your ordinary plastic wine glass by any stretch of the imagination.  This lighted wine glass has 3 LED’s that combine to make 7 different colors plus a continuous sequence mode that displays every color.  But wait there’s more, the bowl and base are removable for cleaning and the best feature of all is that “Batteries are included”.  I have found that people are amused by changing the stem color with the press of a button located under the base and the different color choices replace the need for wine charms to identify a guest’s personal glass.  These glasses are relatively inexpensive allowing guests to take them home with them thus eliminating the need to wash glasses at the end of the event.  They can be found online at several suppliers in small quantities or in bulk.