Wagner Vineyards 2011 Chardonnay


Wagner's 2011 Chardonnay

Wagner’s 2011 Chardonnay

     I am not a huge Chardonnay fan but I do like the style made in the Finger Lakes.  They tend to be dry but not the bone dry examples that are so popular in California.  We had a bottle of Wagner’s Vineyards 2011 Chardonnay and decided to pair it with our Easter dinner.  It paired well with the sugar-cured ham that was the centerpiece of the meal.  This dry Chardonnay has a full and solid mouth feel that allowed it to stand up to the flavors of the meal.  Since it is fermented in small oak barrels it has an aroma of vanilla and the flavors of pear and melons which can be tasted throughout its smooth finish.  Wagner’s Vineyards offers several different styles of Chardonnay that I had the opportunity to sample during my last visit to their tasting room in 2012. Each one was distinctly different in style , flavor and dryness.  This wine is a good value at $13.99 from the Wagner Vineyards website. wagnervineyards.com

Wagner Vineyards

     We are back on the road again and on our way to Wagner Vineyards where they have a winery, brewery, restaurant and gift shop.  I would like to take this opportunity to advise you to be careful when tasting and driving and also ask you to be sure that you act in a responsible manner to ensure public safety because if you don’t the police around the Finger Lakes will.  Wagner is probably the most commercially developed winery around the lakes and should be on your must see list.  They produce an extensive variety of wines and if you are fortunate enough to have Bill serve you in the tasting room  you will get to experience every one that your heart desires.  I asked him for a good red for making Sangria and he suggested the Sunset Red then he gave me his favorite Sangria recipe.  I tasted all of their Chardonnay and chose the dry 2011 Barrel Fermented.  I didn’t taste at the brewery this trip but I remember that the last time I did their portions were the same as the wine room samples and let’s just say they were more than generous.  The Ginny Lee Cafe has a trendy menu and we have had lunch on the deck overlooking the vineyards on several occasions.  If you do decide to stop for lunch try one of their wraps, my favorite is the Tuscan.  Wagner Vineyards is located at 9322 State Route 414 Lodi, New York.