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     There was an interesting article in the Greensburg Tribune Review today. It reinforces the theme of this blog and my personal opinion. The Bloomberg article cited a report in the American journal of Enology and Viticulture that wine makers and critics surveyed in Canada had a much better ability to sense the tiny differences in wine  than the average human can. The main point that I got out of this article was summed up in a quote from John Hayes director of Pennsylvania State University’s Sensory Evaluation Center. John said “But to me the simplest rule in wine is if you like it, drink it”. I totally agree and I like his attitude but just one question “How do you get a job like that?” If it is true that we mere mortals can not enjoy all the subtle nuances of truly great wines then I have to ask why should I pay a lot for wine when I am not going to able to taste the small differences. This theory leads me to share my search to locate very good wines between $10 and $20. The economics of the wine market makes for the pricing of these wines below others of lesser quality because of simple supply and demand. When I find a candidate I will be sure to share it with you for your consideration.

     Let’s start with a favorite of friends and neighbors that populate my deck during the summer. J Lohr Estates Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon is a steady sure pick and at $15.99 is available at Pa State Stores or by special order code number 8785. Check store availability and location online at 

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