Riesling hunting

Ripe grapes of Riesling.

Ripe grapes of Riesling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I will be going to the State Store soon to look for a bottle of Riesling. That in itself doesn’t seem like a difficult task but considering the last bottle I bought was a Hermann J. Wiemer 2009 Semi-Riesling it may prove to be a challenging search. The Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard and Winery is the premier Riesling producer in the New York Finger Lakes Region and perhaps the entire country. Riesling is one of the few varietals that is good in all ranges of sweetness. This wine uses its sweetness (2.4 Residual sugar) and acidity to show off its true flavor. It is a good choice for those who can’t seem to decide on a white wine. Fruit forward with a citrus fruit nose and finish makes this a balanced well made wine. The usual pairings include poultry, shellfish and asian dishes. These are all good pairings and you can’t go wrong with any of them but I have found it very drinkable at a family holiday gathering where ham is the main course. I will do my homework and follow my own guidelines that have appeared in previous posts and will try to pick the best Riesling available for my taste. I will let you know if I score a hit or a miss. 

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