Glory Days

Lamoreaux Landing Wines Photo Courtesy Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

     I received an E-mail from my friends at Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars letting me know that the harvest has begun in earnest.  The harvest this year at Lamoreaux will be a little easier due to the addition of a new harvester that will pick the vines cleaner and allow the fruit to get to the press pad faster so even more of the flavor will be preserved.  They were also proud to announce that four of their new releases will be featured in Wine & Spirit Magazine.  I hope that I will get the opportunity to try any or all of these exceptional white wines.  2011 Estate Bottled Dry Riesling 93pts $13.99,  2011 Estate Bottled Semi-Dry Riesling 91pts $13.99,  2011 Estate Bottled Red Oak Riesling 92pts $19.99 and 2010 Estate Bottled Chardonnay 89pts $14.99.  Congratulations and Thank You to everyone at Lamoreaux Wine Cellars for your hard work and dedication.


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