Day 3 Ferry Building Market

The Ferry Building is a terminal for ferries o...

The Ferry Building is a terminal for ferries on the San Francisco Bay and an upscale shopping center located on The Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. The Bay Bridge can be seen in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero

The Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero

    Day 3 begins like everyday on tour with us rising early, preparing for the days activities, enjoying a

Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building

Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building

good breakfast then it is to the coach because we have places to go and things to see.  Today we will be going to the Ferry Building to take an epicurean walking tour of the shops in the market.  Our guide for our Edible Excursion tour was Joshua, a young chef that will be sharing his passion for delicious fresh organic whole food that is locally grown and raised.  It is called the Ferry Building because this is where the ferryboats that ply the waters of the San Francisco Bay dock to on and off load their passengers.  The shops inside the building are open daily but the area around the main structure is the site of a Farmer’s Market several days during the week.  Joshua leads us on a walk from shop to shop where along the way we taste gluten-free baked goods at Mariposa, chocolates at Recchiutti Confections, Blue Bottle Coffee, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls at Out The Door the take-out only site for the Slanted Door restaurant plus several others before coming to our favorites Acme Bread Company and Cowgirl Creamery.  The two soft cheeses we tasted were the Mt. Tam (our favorite) made with triple cream and the washed rind Red Hawk (also very good) both were great with the Acme Bread Company’s French Baguette!  We wisely loaded our purchases into our reusable shopping tote, because if you need a bag it costs 10 cents.  This token charge is a gentle reminder for shoppers to use their reusable totes and help reduce the stress put on the environment by the massive amount of plastic bags discarded everyday.  The rest of our day is free for us to explore, shop and sightsee the distinctive neighborhoods of San Francisco up close, an experience that is only possible when done on foot.    

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