Shipwreck Wine

Charleston Harbor, near the jetties

Charleston Harbor, near the jetties (Photo credit: hdes.copeland)

     The Mira Winery of St Helena, California is involved in an experiment were they are testing the effects of aging their wines by submerging them in the ocean.  The first phase was completed recently when the four cages that were sunk 60 feet deep into Charleston Harbor, South Carolina last February were recovered.  It has long been known that wine recovered from sunken ships displayed a unique flavor but the question has always been what caused the change.  Wines have been aged in the ocean before around Europe and the West Coast but Mira wants to do a scientific study to determine the effects of this process including what makes it different from land aging.  The next step will be to put wine that has no terrestrial aging at the bottom of Charleston Harbor for twice as long as the initial test.  I wish them the best and hope to someday get to taste a wine just like the Pirates of the Caribbean drank in their day.

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