Jimmy Buffett’s Wine List

Wine List at Frank & Lola Love Pensacola Cafe

Wine List at Frank & Lola Love Pensacola Cafe

If you aren’t a Jimmy Buffett fan (A.K.A. Parrothead) you probably don’t know that Jimmy is a wine lover.  During a recent trip to Pensacola, Florida my wife and I had the pleasure to stay at his Margaritaville Hotel on Pensacola Beach. When I say on Pensacola Beach I mean ON Pensacola Beach.  A strong storm came through and the ocean flooded the 1st floor of the parking garage with 4 feet of salt water.  Luckily we had parked on the second floor after returning from a Blue Wahoo game earlier that evening.  You can enlarge the photo to see what wines Jimmy offers and their prices.  The Frank and Lola Café has great fresh fish just ask your server what has just come in off the boats.

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