Music City Food & Wine Festival 2016

Photo courtesy of Music City Food & Wine Festival

Photo courtesy of Music City Food & Wine Festival

     Pull out your Tony Lama’s and pack your best pair of jeans then head on over to Nashville, Tennessee the weekend of September 17th & 18th for the 2016 Music City Food & Wine Festival. Nashville is a fabulous city to visit on any weekend with its legendary music venues and world-class attractions. When you add the 2016 Music City Food & Wine Festival into the mix this weekend will be off the charts both musically and gastronomically.

This event is packed full of appearances by celebrity chefs and personalities with the likes of Jonathan Waxman, Michael Symon, Aaron Sanchez and Ludo Lefebvre, to name a VERY few. When planning to attend Music City F&W it is essential that you visit for a complete schedule of dates and times for activities being offered to maximize your festival experience.

     Tickets are $150 for Saturday 9/17/2016, $150 for Sunday 9/18/2016, $275 for Harvest Night Festivities Saturday 9/17/2016 7pm-11pm and $500 for All-In-Weekend. For ticket info. visit their website or call 888-512-7469. Music City F&W is a 21+ event.

Other helpful websites:      Instagram @musiccityfw  also for tickets.



4 thoughts on “Music City Food & Wine Festival 2016

  1. When I was living in rural Tennessee in the 80s and 90s (I’m from Barossa Valley wine country in Australia) wine was not really a part of the mainstream lifestyle. Wine appreciation was a constant absence. It was whisky, moonshine and beer. I lived and worked in Fayetteville, Lincoln County (directly south of Nashville near the TN/AL state line) adjacent to Moore county where Lynchburg is the home of Jack Daniels whisky and a dry county. Nice to see the cultural changes. Love Nashville!. Of course once you get into some of the rural counties the non grape based lubricants would still prevail I’m sure.


    1. Thank you Karen for sharing your personal insights with me and my readers. I really like to hear from someone familiar with the topic of my posts. Please keep in touch. I almost forgot to mention that the Barrosa Valley is my favorite Australian wine region!


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