Time to pull the cork!

     Welcome to the wpawinepirate blog and thank you for stopping by. We will have an ongoing conversation about wine in general but more importantly wine and food in Western Pennsylvania. The enjoyment of wine, food, family and friends dates back to ancient times so I will do my best (with your help) to keep the tradition going. This blog is for everyone because there are no good or bad wines only wines that you enjoy or do not enjoy. Do you remember the baseball great Reggie Jackson’s famous saying that opinions are like noses because everyone has one. I feel wine drinking is like that, if you don’t like a wine try others because the search is the real fun. Now that you know how I look at things let’s go in search of good wine. 

     The Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown Pa has what they call the First Friday Wine Tasting at their restaurant The Green Gables.This Friday March 2 will focus on the Piedmont region of Italy.The Piedmont is in the northwest corner of Italy and is the second largest of the country’s 20 wine-producing regions. This region is best known for making great Barolo and Barbaresco. You can find more information at their website about this and future tastings.Go to www.greengablesrestaurant.com then click wine and dining events then dates for reservations or call Tresa at 814-629-9201 ext300

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