Watkins Glen, New York

English: The gorge at Watkins Glen State Park,...

English: The gorge at Watkins Glen State Park, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We took a break from the Wine Trail by driving to the south end of Seneca Lake and visiting Watkins Glen.  Watkins Glen is an idyllic small town that is set in a beautiful location.  The town is well-known for its racetrack and the world-famous racers and their fans that flock to the area every year.  There is plenty to do in Watkins Glen and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore it.  Stop by the harbor and see the marina, then take a sightseeing cruise on the vintage 1934 Stroller IV to get a unique view of the lake.  Watkins Glen State Park offers the chance to hike to a waterfall and surprisingly there is an entrance in the middle of town.  Take a walk around the main business district and browse the eclectic shops that line the busy street.  Take a break from the wineries and support the other merchants that add their own unique vibe to the region.

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