My City In Ruins

Long Island Sound, New Jersey Coast (NASA, Int...

Long Island Sound, New Jersey Coast (NASA, International Space Station Science, 11/10/06) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

Bruce Springsteen said he wrote this song for his adopted home of Ashbury Park, NJ but it now seems prophetic after the events of the last two days and hauntingly the song has come full circle. Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast with a fury well above the power and destructive force that is associated with a Category 1 hurricane. Here in Western Pennsylvania we were spared the full impact of Sandy but did experience high winds, heavy rains and snow in the higher elevations. I expect the damage to the East Coast vineyards to be minimal because the harvest was completed before the storms arrival. I will know more after I hear from some of the owners what damage they have sustained. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering the aftermath of this terrible natural disaster and we hope that the can resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

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