Bodega Goulart The Marshall Malbec 2009

     It is no secret that I like a good Malbec and the only thing better is a very good Malbec on sale.  Bodega Goulart The Marshall Malbec 2009 is a rock solid wine with a full body that follows through with big bold black fruit flavors and a white pepper spice coming out at the finish.  The tannins are intense but rounded off by 18 months of aging in French oak.  Another thing you will want to take the time to see is the deep ruby-red color that has to be seen to be understood.  This is a very good Argentinian Malbec that is straightforward and not overly complex.  My recommendation is to just pull the cork and enjoy it.  PLCB code 33023  WE/90 rating   14% alcohol  $13.99 that is a savings of $13.01 so why not get 2 bottles.

11 thoughts on “Bodega Goulart The Marshall Malbec 2009

    1. I like drinking Malbec with a hearty steak dinner, chorizo or even a thick beefy hamburger anytime. Don’t wait, enjoy the “NOW”, if we have learned anything from recent events it is that “No one is promised tomorrow”. I did take some liberties with the truth in this post by saying “pull the cork” because this bottle actually has a screw top 🙂


  1. Thank you for deciding to follow Rivertop Rambles! My wife and I are more into homebrewing of beer at this point, but every now and then we love to hit the wine trail (along with my son and friends) and explore new flavors, so I’m sure we’ll be around.


    1. You are welcome! My post ” Bodega Goulart The Marshall Malbec 2009″ remains the single most popular post that I have written. I have one bottle of this Malbec remaining and just today I looked at it trying to decide when we should open it.


  2. I’m a Malbec fan too. I wonder if I can find this one in Ecuador? I certainly give it a shot. Thanks for including the label in your post. That will make my hunt even easier.


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