Wine Weekend at Renfest

     It was picture perfect weather for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival Wine Weekend in West Newton, Pa.  We decided to attend this event not only because of the wine tasting but to also enjoy the whimsical atmosphere that surrounds these gatherings.  During our visit to the 16th century we saw kings, queens, red knights, black knights, fairy princesses, wenches, belly dancers, elves, trolls and court jesters just to name a few of my fellow festival goers alter egos that were on display.  Christian W. Klay Winery and Glades Pike Winery offered free wine tasting and on site sales.  The lines were long and the wines were well received.  We tasted several selections at the Glades Pike Winery tent and purchased a bottle of Summer Breeze, a semi-sweet white table wine that I think will pair well with a fruit & cheese plate.  I was happy to see the interest these two wineries were creating in the emerging Pennsylvania wine industry

Jousting at Renfest

Jousting at Renfest

C. W. Klay Winery at Renfest

C. W. Klay Winery at Renfest

by bringing their products to a potentially new segment of the market. More information is available at, and

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