Standing Stone Vineyards Riesling Release

Ripe grapes of Riesling.

Ripe grapes of Riesling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I received a press release from the Standing Stone Winery that proudly announced the release of their Old West Block Riesling.  This is a single yeast Riesling named after the oldest vineyard on their property that was planted in 1972 by Gold Seal Vineyards.  Marti Macinski and her husband Tom take great pride in making the best Riesling and Gewürztraminer possible from the ground up in the Finger Lakes Region.  In 2012 due to the increased production from the Old West Block vineyard they were able to harvest enough grapes to produce a truly artisanal single vineyard bottling.  The grapes were picked at 22.5 Brix and the wine was bottled with a R.S. of 1.4%, 3.00pH and a total of 7.4 g/l.  After reading the tasting notes I was left the with the impression that this Riesling has aromas of apricots and pears with a flavor palate of ripe fruit complemented by a hint of white peach, smoked tea and white pepper in the background.  The finish is long and lingering but bright due to its lively acidity.  Standing Stone Winery made only 129 cases of Riesling  with the grapes harvested from the Old West Block and of the first 129 cases only 50 remain, that means it is in short supply and with single bottles priced at $18.99 it won’t last long. 

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