FLX: Epilogue

Vineyards above Keuka Lake.

Vineyards above Keuka Lake.

     My latest trip to the FLX was enjoyable, informative, surprising, relaxing and like always too short. I learned many things from the people I met and the events I observed. Here are a few things that I learned by mingling with the locals. The latest fad in the vineyards is to plant Grüner Veltliner. The east side of Seneca Lake felt cooler in summer than the west because the wind blew across the cold waters of the lake. Marti Macinski, Standing Stone’s owner/winemaker was a lawyer before she followed her dream of becoming a winemaker. Saperavi is in demand and is selling out around the lakes, even at premium prices. Wine tourism is on the rise and wineries are competing more aggressively to attract customers. I just can’t get used to mini marts with craft beer taps and growlers at the cash register.

In the FLX there are some things that never change. Some of the best Riesling in the world can be found at great prices. Scenic views of beautiful glacial lakes surrounded by vineyards that you can’t find anywhere else in this country. Welcoming and hospitable people that are happy to see you and strive to put the region’s best foot forward to visitors.

It’s not Sonoma and it’s not Napa, it’s the Finger Lakes Region of New York, a truly unique place. My suggestion to you would be not to take my word for it but to go see it for yourself.

4 thoughts on “FLX: Epilogue

  1. Taking a tip from your reports, I suggested that my wife and daughter visit Standing Stone (I wasn’t able to go along), and they really enjoyed it, the Saperavi and the supplemental tastings, the scenery, the whole of it. So thanks for the review!

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    1. I’m glad they liked Standing Stone. Their wines are excellent and they are very nice people. Thanks for the comment. It means a lot to me because I try to help the best that I can. Hope next time you can go with them.


    1. Thanks for the reblog Marti and thanks to Standing Stone for making me look good. A follower of mine recommended his wife and daughter visit your winery after reading one of my posts. They loved it and he commented about it on the same post you reblogged. You can see his kind words by clicking on comments at the bottom of the post. I hope you have a lot of visitors from WBC15. I know we can’t wait till our next to the FLX and Standing Stone.


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