Free Broken Bottle Replacement

English: A colorful bottle

English: A colorful bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I recently discovered an unbelievable policy that the Pennsylvania LCB (Liquor Control Board) stores offer to their customers.  The unwritten policy is to replace any unopened bottle of liquor or wine that a customer breaks as long as they return it with proof that the bottle was sealed when it was broken.  I would have to admit that returning a bag full of shattered glass to a store for a replacement when it was my fault strikes me as strange but rules are rules. Imagine walking in with what is left of a bottle of $7000 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet and asking for another one for free.  It is worth a try and Good Luck.


Why Wait?


WAIT HERE I HAVE GONE TO GET HELP (Photo credit: thefuturistics)

     I just could not wait any longer to open the bottle of Pinot Project 2010 that I bought in New York City.  It was very drinkable and was well worth the under $20 price.  It is hard to find an enjoyable bottle of Pinot Noir for a reasonable price but the Pinot Project 2010 did provide a satisfying wine that can be poured for friends during a relaxed evening at home.  I do want to repeat a recommendation from an earlier post (Keeping Score) and it is Louis Latour Volnay 2007.  I think you would like either of these wines but since the PA L.C.B. stores do not stock the Pinot Project you will be happier with the Louis Latour Volnay. 

Keeping Score

     I usually only recommend rated wines because to put it simply I see no reason to reinvent the wheel by trying to rate wines myself.  When a wine is rated you can check its rating against the rating opinion of several other reviewers to see if it deserves your further consideration.  The scale is a 100 point scale with the two most important ranges to me being 85-89 for a very good wine with special qualities and 90-94 for an outstanding wine that has superior character and style.  

     Pinot Noir is a popular wine that can be expensive but if you do your research some good examples can be purchased at a reasonable price. Louis Latour Volnay 2007 is Wine Spectator rated at 89 and can be found as a Chairman’s Selection at PA L.C.B. stores for $19.99, a sizable discount from its quoted price of $55.oo.  This Pinot Noir is broad and sweet with a juicy ripe fruit body that offers cherry and raspberry flavors plus a silky texture.  Look for it with the product code 13223 in the store or online. 

Pinot noir Grapes

Pinot noir Grapes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)