Why Wait?


WAIT HERE I HAVE GONE TO GET HELP (Photo credit: thefuturistics)

     I just could not wait any longer to open the bottle of Pinot Project 2010 that I bought in New York City.  It was very drinkable and was well worth the under $20 price.  It is hard to find an enjoyable bottle of Pinot Noir for a reasonable price but the Pinot Project 2010 did provide a satisfying wine that can be poured for friends during a relaxed evening at home.  I do want to repeat a recommendation from an earlier post (Keeping Score) and it is Louis Latour Volnay 2007.  I think you would like either of these wines but since the PA L.C.B. stores do not stock the Pinot Project you will be happier with the Louis Latour Volnay. 

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