The Big Grape

ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL     We were in New York City on Saturday walking through  Midtown Manhattan.  It was a beautiful spring late afternoon and we on our way to Central Park for a carriage ride then onto St. Patrick Cathedral for Saturday evening Mass when it happened.  Yes, right there in front of me was Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe and next to that was their wine store.  Talk about Divine intervention, how was I supposed to pass by without stopping in and at least making a purchase.  The bottles neatly lined the shelves like soldiers at attention.  I looked up and down the aisles totally conflicted as to which one would accompany me on my journey home.  My wife broke my confusion with a simply suggestion “Trust your gut and just pick one ,  you can’t make a mistake here” and she was right as usual.  I chose The Pinot Project 2010, a California product that the tasting notes described as ” Pure aromas and flavors of black cherries, kissed by oak and complimented by just the right amount of Asian spice”.  The food at the Wine Bar & Cafe looked delicious, very trendy and upscale.  Clients having lunch or dinner at the Wine Bar & Cafe receive 10% off their wine purchases at the Wine Store.  Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe is located directly on 49th St between 5th and 6th Ave at 1 Rockefeller Plaza.   

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