Paris of Appalachia

Photo courtesy: Bridge Ten Brasserie

Photo courtesy: Bridge Ten Brasserie

     I have often heard people refer to Pittsburgh using this “Left Handed” compliment and I can’t understand why there should be any negative connotation attached to it.  Being compared to the “City of Light” can only be viewed as a ringing endorsement for the cultural achievements of the city.  Dave DeSimone has brought his love of France to life at 20 S. 10th St. in the South Side of Pittsburgh through his restaurant Bridge Ten Brasserie.  Bridge Ten Brasserie has captured the feeling of a French brasserie with its menu of hearty yet simply elegant selections that are sure to please any French food lovers palate.  The wine list is exemplary and reflects Dave’s encyclopedic knowledge of French wine and their proper food pairings. The choices from the Parisian themed cocktail menu can easily spark vivid memories of an evening spent on The Champs-Élyées.  If you would like more information on Bridge Ten Brasserie it can be found at or by calling 412-586-5033 

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